• For the opening of its Bamenda branch, ACEP Cameroon SA (a category 2 microfinance institution) is recruiting for the following positions:
    01 Branch Manager,
    05 Credit analysts
    01 Recovery agent,
    01 Internal controller,
    01 Accounts Relations Officer
    01 Accountant,
    01 Cashier. Interested candidates are called upon to drop their applications (motivation letter, Curriculum vitae and copy of their National Identity Card) at the Chamber of Commerce offices. Latest date to drop (...)
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A Word From CEO

Dear Reader,

The company ACEP Cameroon SA is pleased to welcome you to its website to present its activities, whose importance is becoming increasingly evident in the microfinance sector as it exists in Cameroon, Country 50% of GDP comes from the informal sector. It is a developing country hit hard, like many countries, the effects of the economic crisis. The sharp drop in commodity prices on the international market, especially for agricultural products has really helped its economy and impoverishing claims the rural masses who began to migrate to urban centers in search of a more lucrative occupation.

However, the situation in cities was much better. Many companies in turn compressing arm, worse, simply putting the key under the doormat. All this has increased exponentially the unemployed category. The banking crisis led to the classic bank restructuring, with the main objective of limiting risks. The area of TPE, while very risky and have specific financial needs, has been shed the credit services.

Continuing its traditional missions policeman and regulator of the economy, the Cameroonian state has seen in the external financing an important policy intervention to correct the imbalance thus created.

Thus in 1999 a loan agreement in the long term has emerged between, on one hand the government of Cameroon at the time represented by the MINDIC and secondly the French Development Agency (AFD ), together with the European Union (EU).

This convention has accomplished in the implementation of the Project Financing Very Small Enterprise (VSE) in urban areas, called "ACEP Cameroon". It was a question of funding the myriad activities that create value in the cities of Yaounde and Douala, with a gradual expansion into other cities in Cameroon.

Therefore, it was therefore a question of:

  • Make the permanent structure
  • Transforming the device at the end of the project in a private financial institution specializing in financing urban TPE
  • Prepare a plan for expansion to other urban centers The September 16, 2005, ACEP Cameroon "Project" has switched to "ACEP Cameroon Limited Company", with the signatories:
  • The Minister of Economy and Finance, Mr Polycarpe ABAH ABAH
  • The Minister of Small and Medium Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicraft, Mr Bernard MESSENGUE Avom have made the signing of documents for privatization of the project.
  • Mr Nicolas RoFE, first President of the Board of Directors.

ACEP CAMEROON SA, "newborn" limited companies of Cameroon is now the following shareholders:

  • The International Bank of Cameroon for the Saving and Credit BICEC, the largest local bank
  • Investors and Partners for Development (I & P), a French private investment company, a strong partner and confident
  • The Natnional Society of Investment (NSI), representing the State of Cameroon
  • The company ACEP Development, the developer of the project
  • The Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Handicrafts of Cameroon (CCIMA), for promoting business in Cameroon.
  • The Small carriers, domestic investors and employees ACEP Cameroon SA

For five years, our ambitions are enormous:

  • Supporting the development of TPE in time to capitalize our intervention with the aim of seeing them come from very small to SMEs and large enterprises to SMEs
  • Renew eagerly to any other credit that TPE will scrupulously repaid their previous loans, paving the way for a multi-year collaboration, the sine qua non for their development

To this end, we opted for organizational change: the acquisition of new software and the new organization that will result will enable us to expand, improve and make our services faster to customers by June 2007.

We think including:

  • A reduction in processing time records
  • From the establishment of a checking account for unlimited transactions
  • In the introduction of rebates on interest prepayments

Dear Reader, while thanking you the choice you have brought upon us, we think you will find our way to make your self interest in our mission to broadly improve human welfare, by making provided the opportunity to increase its property. For this, we assure you our full readiness to establish, for the future, fruitful relations and mutually beneficial.

Jean Zombo